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Uzbekistan – ancient Mawarannahr, the native land of many nations and the center of a large number of empires, is, perhaps, the most enchanting and Central Asian republic. It is the real treasure house of illustrious architectural monuments, concentration of old cities. Time itself left its “autographs”, and the most of them are in the excellent condition.

Culture of Uzbekistan to be extremely versatile — it is here where was a surge in the development of world science, known as the «Oriental Renaissance», exactly here astronomy and algebra were born, gold embroidery and art, pottery and carpet weaving here reached its peak. Culture of Uzbekistan is diverse and that is its uniqueness.

Uzbekistan culture and national dances

It is very important to notice that the territory of present-day Uzbekistan was the motherland of great scientists, philosophers, medics, mathematicians and astronomers who lived and worked here. Al-Khorezmiy, Al-Beruniy, Avicenna, Ulugbek and others made a huge contribution to the world science. Their authority is appreciated in the whole world. Also in earliest times the land of present Uzbekistan was the cradle of Buddhism, and today we can observe the remains of ancient Buddhistic excavations and temples.

Termez city, located in the South of the country, is considered the biggest center of trade and largest center of Buddhism.

The central geographical location relative to other Central Asian republics, gives the special attractiveness to Uzbekistan. This fact allows retrace the historical relations of countries and nations of the region, to get acquainted with the most colourfu cultures of Asia and to know the incredible ancience of this land.

All mentioned above attracts a great amount of tourists, dreaming to feel “the breath” of centuries. There are more than four thousand monuments of architecture in the republic, and Uzbekistan itself is included to the list of 15 countries with developed touristic potential.

Uzbekistan — is not only a gray antiquity, the unique cultural heritage of its people, hospitality and famous cuisine. Uzbekistan — is a great place for recreation and entertainment, new, rapidly-growing tourist destination!

The most propitious time for travelling to Uzbekistan is spring (April — May) and autumn (September — November). It is very hot in summer (especially in July), and rather cold in winter. The most suitable time for visiting mountain regions is from March to November, because in mountains the air warms up not so strongly as on the planes. The ski season lasts from November to April.

Tashkent, Uzbeksitan

The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent (“stony city”). It lies in the Tien-Shan foothills, in the very center of the blossoming oasis in the valley of the Chirchik River. For many centuries Tashkent had been the crossover of varied mercantile ways that formed the extremely manifold view of the city.

Chimgan mountains, located 80 km. from the north-east of Tashkent, are the most popular places of rest among locals and guests from abroad. Not high (the average height is about 1500 meters) mountain range in the western part of the Tien-Shan is famous for being the best winter health resort in Asia. In the mountains there are lots of resort villages and hotels, a great deal of trekking and ski routes, as well as popular slopes for alpinism are laid. Big Chimgan (Bolshoy Chimgan) (3309 m.) is famous as one of the best objects for climbing.

Samarkand is the oasis of ancient Silk Road and the capital of the Great Empire of the Timurids. In the XIV – XV centuries the citadel and fortress walls were erected, wide streets were laid, pompous architectural ensembles were built, and around the periphery the city was encircled with a giant ring from 13 huge parks and gardens. The majority of these objects even today is the main representation of the city.

Bukhara — the “star of the Islamic world” and “holly city of Central Asia” got its titles not occasionally. In the Middle Ages there were 360 mosques and 80 madrasahs. This wonderful city did not exceed the bounds of its fortress wall, built in the XVI century, and it contained a huge number of religious constructions and bazaars, where one could buy absolutely everything. The walls of citadel, more than 140 architectural monuments of the Muslim epoch and amazing districts with narrow side streets of old city remained till our days.

Sights in Khiva

The territory of the Khorezm province and Karakalpakstan dotted with a variety of natural, historical, architectural and archaeological sites. Only in one of Khorezm region is about 300 historical monuments. In recent years, the tourism potential of the region has been substantially amended several new facilities and attractions.

One of them is undoubtedly the Savitsky Museum in Nukus, where a unique collection of works of avant-garde artists is presented. The museum also has a wonderful local history collection. Lots of ecological tours are organized in recent years to the cemetery of the courts located in Muinak, in the area of ​​the former coastline of the Aral Sea.

Visiting different cities of Uzbekistan, you will surely be amazed that every city is unique in spite of the general similarity, original and unique.

Uzbekistan is famous for its silks, carpets, various artisan crafts. In large cities there are huge shopping malls where you can buy souvenirs in addition to clothing as well-known brands and designers of Uzbekistan. Small boutiques offer a variety of exclusive handmade products. Well, about bazaars and do not need to say — everyone knows that going there one will not leave for sure with empty hands.

Uzbekistan souvenirs

Thanks to historical sights, inimitable culture and traditions, beautiful nature and modern megalopolises Uzbekistan attracts numerous tourists. All necessary conditions for entertaining and fascinating rest are made in Uzbekistan.

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